Ready to Conceive? Or Have Been Trying? FAM Can Help!

Are you and your partner trying to conceive?  If you are ready for pregnancy achievenment then this is a must read page! 


Do you know that the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) is a natural first step for couples trying to conceive?

Typically, a conventional doctor will explain that a couple does not have infertility issues until they have been trying to get pregnant for over twelve consecutive months.

Leading up to that year mark, it can feel as if there is little or no help. And even after that year, when the doctors are ready to help, the solutions are often expensive and invasive. 

I have great news for you!

You can start maximizing chances of conception today with fertility charting!

Charting your cycle using FAM is a wonderful tool for couples working toward conception before the one year mark as well as anytime after. With FAM, you learn how to track your cervical fluid to know when your fertile wave begins.  A recent study shows that monitoring cervical fluid is an easy and cheap way to greatly increase chances of pregnancy. Charting also reveals if your fertility signs (such as cervical fluid) are absent or weak. If so, there are steps you can take to naturally repair and boost your fertility. 



How does fertility charting help me now? 

1. The best first step in pregnancy achievement is learning how to chart your cycle because when your fertile wave begins, thus begins the window of opportunity to conceive.  Traditionally, the western medical community (and some doctors today) believed that all female patients ovulate between day 12-14 of every cycle they have; however, study of the female cycle over the last few decades has disproven that outdated belief. Modern science has found: 

Fact #1: A female in her reproductive years who has typical ovulatory cycles has one fertile wave each cycle that typically lasts 7-12 consecutive days (unless it is an anovulatory cycle). While only 3-4 days of this fertile wave are peak fertility which is optimum for conception, there are a few days before and after the 3-4 prime days that a woman is capable of conceiving.

Fact #2: A female's fertile wave can begin sooner or later in any given cycle; therefore, ovulation does not necessarily happen on the same day every cycle. For example, in one cycle a female may ovulate on Day 12 and in another cycle the same female may ovulate on Day 19. The most effective way to pinpoint ovulation in every cycle is daily observation of fertility signs called Cervical Fluid and Basal Body Temperature.

Fact #3: There are factors that affect hormones responsible for triggering the start and length of a female's fertile wave each cycle, including stress, travel, illness, diet, and exercise.

Therefore, with FAM charting, you are able to confidently pinpoint the beginning of your fertile wave, identify days of Peak Cervical Fluid, identify your Basal Temperature Rise to confirm ovulation and know when your fertile wave has ended. This allows you the opportunity to maximize chances of conception without the anxiety of blind guessing or leaving it up to odds. 


2. The second step is to have your charts reviewed by a Fertility Awareness Educator. 

Infertility studies indicate that issues with conception can be due to female health 35% of the time, male health 35% of the time, a combination of both or for an unknown reason.  Your charts will reveal the way your hormones are functioning, yet there is an equal chance male partner hormone imbalance is a factor or a combination of both. You can schedule a private chart review with me and receive advice for bringing balance to you and your partner's hormones. Sometimes, male and female hormones can get off balance due to things we are not usually attuned to. A lot of times both partners can feel healthy, but they may actually have underlying issues such toxins from the environment, nutritional deficiencies, or lifestyle behaviors that may be a block to their fertility.


3. The third step is learning the AWESOME news that such imbalances are things the body can begin working to resolve when it is given what it needs.

With the appropriate information about what nourishes male and female fertility, you can begin working toward the health needed to recharge fertility. This step involves co-care with a natural health practitioner(s) and your Fertility Awareness Educator.

Following such steps to naturally adjust your fertility for pregnancy achievement is not an overnight fix and does require patience and commitment; yet, the ultimate goal of pregnancy achievement is infinitely rewarding.


I offer a 3 Session Package to guide you through an Individualized Conception Plan so that you can reach your goals!