The Benefits

Our bodies are amazing! In every way!

Female bodies are amazing in particular because they have body signals that continually indicate times of fertility. By observing these signs, listening to your body and charting the information, you have an answer at the end of every day: Am I fertile today? Yes or No?   

The following is a short list of the benefits to using FAM and are what I perceive as icing on the cake, so-to-speak. 

  •   FAM empowers you with an increase in confidence and knowledge as you fully learn and appreciate the natural ebbs and flows of your cycles.


  • After the initial cost of a FAM workshop, a basic thermometer, and the cost to print charts, FAM is a NO COST natural birth control. Females might spend up to $1,689.87 per year on prescription birth control. Check what you spend here. 


  • Charting fertility signs will indicate if a hormonal imbalance exists or how to identify if one has surfaced. You can go to your health practitioner with evidence of an imbalance and request care. 


  • For a couple trying to conceive, charting cervical fluid is a cheap way and easy way to optimize chances of conception. 


  •  Charting can be used to determine if you are pregnant (even without a pregnancy test). 


  • Charting daily allows you to keep an eye on your gynecological health and stay alert to potential issues such as irregular bleeding, abnormal pain, vaginal infections, cervical anomalies, and PMS. 


  • FAM can be used to identify female infertility and hormonal concerns such as: anovulation, late ovulation, short Luteal Phase, infertile cervical fluid, hormonal imbalance, insufficient progesterone levels, miscarriage. If a fertility issue is due to a woman's hormonal imbalance, there are things she can do naturally to influence hormonal harmony once again. For more info on trying to conceive click here.