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"Learning FAM is a fundamental right as woman. It is a beautiful part about our moon side that I think we all deserve to know! It also unmasks many of the physical and psychological elements of our fertility. I would ask others if they wanted to love themselves more/connect with their body... and then I would suggest this course/way of living.

I have been belittled, in fact by doctors, who make me feel as if the hormonal patterns of my fertility are chaotic and extra terrestrial- when really, just like all other physiological functions of the brain, it has a pattern and observable symptoms to understand what occurring beneath the surface. 

Spiridoula V.

Bent, NM

My main take away is empowerment. Education on my own body allows me to feel more comfortable in my skin each more, each day! For me, it also provides a natural and realistic way of getting to know yourself, because after all, babies are not brought by storks. 

I was shocked to reflect, and realize so many women are persuaded to take the pill or get an IUD (an incredibly invasive and unnatural way of regulating your hormones, or in their cases suppressing your hormones), when this method is nearly as close to accurate, divulges way more signals about your body, and is simple!

Justina was so thorough! She lifted the veil of taboo on women's' fertility and the patterns that shift in our bodies."


"Are you sick of thinking that 8-12 days out of your life are devoted to random bleeding and unexplainable pain? Are you sick of waiting for 'your time of the month' where you hide out from civilization because much of society has a negative connotation with women and their periods? Are you sick of people asking you to put this in your body? and do that to YOUR body? ME TOO. FAM provides you with a safe, sustainable way to take full charge of your body, and ultimately, your life.

Dimitria V.


Knowledge is empowering; I feel empowered to know what is going inside my body, and I feel proud that no one can force me into altering my hormones or the chemical make up of my body. Clean bodies unite! And I am thankful to FAM (and most definitely, Justina), for making both of these feelings possible.


Justina, you were wonderful! Thank you for creating an inviting, safe, enjoyable setting to learn about our bodies.


I think the awareness you bring through these workshops is life altering and that many, many women to come will benefit from you as a mentor, and FAM as a birth control option. You asked a good amount of interactive questions, and absolutely enhanced your presentation with the use of homemade visuals.  A spectacular workshop, with an engaging educator that  really knew how to grow me, and did."

"I honestly can't tell you enough just how much I enjoyed taking your workshop. I'm always telling people about how great it was! You're not just a competent educator but an amazing person with great energy! I have so much love and respect for you!"


Berkley, CA

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Abilene, TX

"My goal was to be able to learn more about my body, how to take a healthy approach to birth control and monitoring my cycles.

Everything that I was taught was new to me. I had no idea that I could understand what my body was doing and WHY certain things were going on. Now I have a clearer understanding of my body and feel empowered to take care of my health in a holistic way!

I enjoyed being able to learn new things with other women and opening up a safe space to ask questions. The atmosphere was so inviting and all about empowerment and enriching my life!

Justina is an incredible person who desires to change other peoples lives by giving them tools to help them make healthy, happy and holistic decisions. I am grateful for the experience I had and would recommend this service and approach to all women!"

"I signed up for the class to learn more about how my body works and be able to track my cycle for natural birth control purposes and the webinar was SO GOOD and VERY informative!!

My favorite part of the class was learning how the reproductive system works and how all the amazing little details all have to come together to create a life. It was incredible and Justina did a FANTASTIC job explaining everything.

I would love for my friends to take this class, if not for any other reason than for birth control reasons, I know so many people who use birth control pills and suffer endlessly from the side effects, and even after they get off it still struggle with the left over effects that it has on their bodies."



Wichita Falls, TX


 Lindsey & Steve

Clifton Park, NY

"We found the information learned in the FAM Webinar interesting, informative, and useful. I took the class to gain a better understanding of how to use FAM for birth control and Steve took the class to learn how to support me.

I feel more confident in using FAM and have a greater understanding of how to read the signs of fertility and apply them as birth control! Steve not only got what he wanted of this course, but he also learned a lot about fertility that he did not know.

We both enjoyed practicing using the charts [in class] and applying the knowledge we had gained.

Justina is very knowledgable and creates a welcoming learning environment to talk about a subject that many are uncomfortable to discuss. Not only will you learn a useful and empowering method of birth control, but Justina has a knack for making things fun and engaging."

"We thought the webinar was a very useful, practical, and complete program. Our goal was to learn how to never have to use oral contraceptives or artificial birth control methods. We wanted to understand the body in a much more in-depth way and how to work with it, not against it. And yes, our goal was met!

In the event one of us had a question Justina would stay after to offer help and she also offers email assistance as well. Justina doesn't pretend to know all the answers and will research your question to give you the best advice.

Our favorite part of the class was reviewing others' charts and practicing how to chart correctly and learning how the hormones change throughout the cycle and how that relates to women's feelings at different times of the month.

We would say to anyone that learning FAM is SO worth it to know how to be healing to your body and work with its natural cycles. It may seem a little overwhelming and risky in the beginning, but Justina really lays it out well and is there to assist you along the way."

Wiepie & Cody

Ovalo, TX

 Molly & James

Enniscorthy, Ireland

"We signed up to be properly educated on my fertility and reproductive system and to find a natural form of birth control to use as we begin planning our family. I learned more about my body, fertility, and cycle than I thought possible.

The webinar helped me learn about myself and my fertility and it was taught in a way that made the information applicable to our daily lives. I also was able to take all I learned and apply it to my life using the FAM method in order to naturally plan our family. 

Justina was able to impart all of the information through google hangout in a way that I was able to clearly understand and engage in. After I walked away from both classes I felt confident I could put into practice what had just explained. For me, my favorite part of the class was learning about the fertility cycle and how our hormones and bodies are reacting to each stage of it was super informative and helpful for me. Since the class I have felt so much more in tune with my body and its' needs.

If as a woman you struggle with being unsure of what your body is doing and what signs it's trying to give you during cycle then take this class. It will help you and your partner understand and take care of your body and fertility so much better than you ever have before."                                

"I would LOVE for all of my friends to take this class!! I would say to anyone who wants to know more about their body to take this class. No matter what your purpose is, knowing all that you can know about your body and how it functions is a great thing.

It is completely empowering to know all of this information about my body! I also had a sense of sadness that this information is not “readily” available to every woman. If more women knew this information it could be a stepping stone for them to take ownership of their fertility. 

Part of what led me to look for information on the internet – which led me to Justina's website was when I went off of the pill in October 2013, I went to see my gynecologist for my routine exam and I was asking her a ton of questions related to my cycle and how to tell when things are happening with my body, and how to accurately predict when my period would happen – and lots of other questions that a person should have when coming off the pill after 15 years….. Let me also preface this with the fact that my OB/GYN has taken extremely good care of me over the years. Extremely. But what she said to me during this appointment really stuck with me…. She told me not to worry about my cycle, to just let it happen and live my life.  After my doctor’s recommendation that I “just don’t worry about it” I was more determined than ever to figure it all out. Anyone that knows me knows that I love all the little details and knowing all the things that make my body me.  Thank goodness I found Red Coral! 

Justina was an amazing teacher and someone I feel like I can really ask any question without embarrassment or judgment. I felt like she could answer any of my questions with confidence." 



Carmichael, CA

Emily & Brandon

Bryan, TX

"I signed up for the FAM Workshop to accurately track fertility for the purpose of birth control and to become more aware of self and my body. And having him take the class with me gets him more involved in the process than any hormonal birth control could. 

The class prepared me by explaining every detail about the Method that I could have wanted.

Justina always had an answer on the occasion that I had a question... And when I actually had a question about something, it was for a personal anomaly in the chart rather than a misunderstanding about the basics of the Method.

The whole class was great, but I especially enjoyed the parts where we went over other charts and discussed why they were either good charts or risk charts.

Taking this class with my husband (fiancé at the time) was such a great option for us and opportunity for him to learn about our fertility; I'd recommend people to take the class with their partner and share in the wealth of knowledge together."

 "The information covered was comprehensive, informative, and Justina used easy to understand diagrams, explanations and examples so that it was simple to understand and relate to. It was a fun way to be educated on issues and information that is rarely taught any where else. 

I learnt far more than I even thought about needing to know. I understand my cycle now and have learnt more about the whole monthly cycle that I've never heard in my 33 years! Charting is fun and has me questioning, analysing and understanding things a lot more.

I was engrossed in all aspects of the class and loved that the rules were set out clearly so it was easy to understand.  I am extremely grateful for the one on one time and for the ability for me to attend, even so far away (Australia).

This FAM workshop will help you understand your cycle, will take you through how your body works every day of the month, and allow you to become in tune with your body. You will become aware of how your body operates and then be able to work with it to achieve your desires, whether they be for birth control or pregnancy. Every pain, mood change, physical change etc will make more sense and no longer will you see it as your body operating against you. You will become grateful for everything and be almost able to talk to your body with greater awareness."



 Sydney, Australia

Brandon & Emily

Bryan, TX

"I took the class to learn about the FAM method and support and aid my wife in successfully using it as a birth control method. I feel much more knowledgeable about the female fertility cycle. I feel confident that if we follow the method accurately that the risk of getting pregnant is very low.

Justina presented the material in a clear and understandable way and made it fun! I enjoyed that the class was online through group video messaging.  It made it easy to work around our schedule and it was good to hear from others who were also learning about the program."