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Upgrade Your Period: One Cycle At a Time - A class exploring why we cramp, bloat, tire quickly and feel awful emotionally as well as physically around menstruation and what we can do naturally (including how we eat, and how we treat ourselves) to decrease this PMS one cycle at a time. Also, this class will raise awareness about the harm our conventional tampons and pads may be causing to our health and offer a show and tell of the eco-friendly, organic, and natural alternatives available to us.

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FAM, You & Breastfeeding: Natural Birth Control While Breastfeeding -  A class for breastfeeding (or soon-to-be) mommas who want to learn how to use the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM)  to avoid pregnancy throughout the duration of breastfeeding (whether that is a short span or long span of time for you). Also, this class will teach mommas how to pinpoint their return to ovulatory cycles chart in a way that works with the lifestyle of a breastfeeding woman. 

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