One-on-One Video Session


One-on-One Video Session

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1.5 Hour Session

Learning to Chart with FAM

Individualized Holistic Pre-Conception Plan

PDF Handouts (Including Pretty Fertility Chart)

25% Off 1 Hour Follow Up

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Who Benefits from this Session?

Anyone who knows that they would like to get pregnant 3-12 months from now. You have learned along the way that boosting female and male fertility 9-12 months before planning to conceive maximizes the health of the baby, the healthy of the mommy, as well as maximizes your chances to get pregnant faster. You can benefit from learning the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) to chart your fertility signs to ensure your fertility health is at its best. Additionally, you can benefit from an Individualized Pre-Conception Plan to cut out foods and environmental toxins that negatively impact fertility and add in foods and lifestyle habits that boost fertility. A Pre-Conception Plan that caters to you is beneficial in the planning for conception via intercourse or IUI. Anyone Welcome 

What if I already know how to chart with FAM?

If you are a Seasoned Charter, this session will be an abbreviated version. Please email Justina directly for details. 

Why Plan for Pre-Conception?

The healthiest babies in history have come from cultures that do fertility cleansing followed by fertility boosting for both partners 9-12 months prior to trying to get pregnant. This fact is based on research conducted by Dr. Weston A. Price.

Don't have 9-12 months? Let's do 3!

Avoiding toxic foods and toxic things in the environment while also adding in fertility boosting foods and therapies for even 3 months before trying to conceive will make a huge difference in the health of the female's egg and, if not using donor sperm, a huge difference in the male's sperm for the healthiest conception. Another plus is that such pre-conception preparations are also found to give mother and baby a healthier pregnancy, labor, and delivery!