One-on-One Video Consult


One-on-One Video Consult

from 135.00

FAM While Breastfeeding 

New Charter Package  $227 for 3 sessions 


Seasoned Charter Package $135 for 3 abbreviated sessions

Including Babes - in - arm


Why is this 3 Sessions?

As new parent with a baby in tote, my goal is to offer a series of short sessions instead of one very long session.

How Far Apart are Sessions Scheduled?

The recommended schedule is below. This may vary for individuals based on their charting goals. 

1st session - 1 hour                          

2nd session, 2 weeks later, 30 min            

3rd session, 3 months later, 1 hour


  • Learn to chart fertility signs
  • Pretty fertility chart PDF
  • Learn anatomy of typical cycles
  • Learn the special FAM rules unique to breastfeeding mothers 
  • Myths about breastfeeding and fertility set straight (ex: yes you can get pregnant while breastfeeding)
  • Learn lifestyle/breastfeeding practices to lengthen return to typical, ovulating cycles
  • Learn awareness of fertility returning and what to do next

Seasoned Charter (New to FAM while Breastfeeding)

If you are a current, seasoned charter, sessions are still recommended.  

An abbreviated set of sessions is recommended as follows at the package price of $135

1st session - 1 hour

2nd session, 2 weeks later - 15 min

3rd session, 3 months later - 30 min