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FAM Webinar Part 2

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Attendance to Session 1 and Session 2 is required. See previous week or the following to Reserve your spot in both sessions:

What is the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM)?

FAM is a highly accurate and effective method of natural birth control when the 4 FAM rules are charted and followed in each cycle. FAM is over 99% effective when used correctly, meaning it is as effective as oral contraceptives.  FAM is based on the observation and charting of scientifically proven fertility signs that determine whether or not a woman is fertile (capable of getting pregnant) on any given day. 

How Does It Work?

FAM is NOT  the rhythm method our grandmothers used! The rhythm method predicts when a woman will ovulate and therefore is ineffective. However with FAM, you observe and chart 2 primary signs of fertility which allow you to determine on a day to day basis if you are fertile or not.  When your fertile wave begins, you can choose as a couple whether to abstain from intercourse or to use a barrier method to prevent pregnancy.* The fertile wave lasts from 7-12 days generally. That leaves over half of your cycle open for barrier free intercourse without risk of getting pregnant! 

Amazing Benefits of Using FAM

  •  FAM empowers women with confidence and knowledge as they fully learn and appreciate the natural ebbs and flows of their cycles.
  • FAM is a NO COST natural birth control beyond the workshop payment. Women can spend up to $1,689.87 per year on prescription birth control. 
  •  FAM uncovers hormonal imbalances. A woman can go to her health practitioner with evidence of an imbalance and request care. 
  • FAM allows women to take back control of their gynecological health by staying alert to potential issues such as irregular bleeding, abnormal pain, vaginal infections, cervical anomalies, and PMS and having the awareness of when to seek treatment.

What You'll Learn in the Class

  •  What Fertility Awareness is and why it is an invaluable tool of empowerment
  •  Female and male reproductive anatomy
  •  What is going on in a woman’s typical cycle  (4 key hormones)
  •  The jobs of estrogens and progesterone
  •  Three primary signals of fertility and how to interpret them
  •  Secondary signs of fertility
  •  How to chart all signs of fertility
  •  How to interpret ovulation has come and passed (or not)
  •  The rules of using FAM as birth control
  •  How to support partner in following the rules (cooperative effort)
  •  How to use FAM as a tool to conceive (knowing best time to try)
  •  How to gauge one’s gynecological health through charting
  •  Norms of female health and what may be a red flag

How Soon Can I Start?

You can register now with pre-payment for the next FAM workshop.

In order to keep a small group setting, there is a cap on the number of participants per workshop. See details below to reserve a spot today!

You can begin charting your fertility signs at the end of your workshop, but we strongly recommend that you do not rely on FAM as primary birth control in the first 3 cycles of charting. Because the first 3 months of charting are dedicated to becoming familiar with fertility signs and understanding the rules, it is best for couples to rely on barrier methods for all intercourse and genital to gentile contact during this phase of learning and until completing a chart review. The chart review is a time for one-on-one consulting to refine your understanding of identifying the start and end of the fertile wave, identifying cervical fluid and temperature shifts, as well as getting all of your questions answered! The chart review can be scheduled to happen as soon as 3 cycles are completed! A chart review is $65 for 1 hour and charts can be emailed within 1 week of the appointment so that there is adequate time for me to review them. 

 FAM Workshop Package Includes

  • 2 Class Sessions (Totaling 5 hours)

  • 1 (very pretty)  Workbook for learning the Fertility Awareness Method- shipped to your home if out of state
  • Email Support (i.e. getting your questions answered throughout the 3 month learning process)

Workshop Package Deal

Cost to Attend: Price for Individual is $150 plus $25 for your partner to attend (Partners are highly encouraged to attend!)

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