FAM as Natural Birth Control While Breastfeeding

You can use FAM while breastfeeding as your natural birth control and leverage breastfeeding habits to extend the amount of time before ovulatory cycles return. 


I offer consultations for people who want to either space their pregnancies or who are finished having children and want a healthy, effective, natural birth control while breastfeeding and beyond. This consult will teach a breastfeeding person how to identify when their body is beginning to return to fertility after delivery.


  • Learn to chart fertility signs
  • Pretty fertility chart PDF
  • Learn anatomy of typical cycles
  • Learn the special FAM rules unique to the breastfeeding parent 
  • Myths about breastfeeding and fertility set straight (ex: yes you can get pregnant while breastfeeding)
  • Learn lifestyle/breastfeeding practices to lengthen return to typical, ovulating cycles
  • Learn awareness of fertility returning and what to do next


For more information about child spacing, scroll below. 

Natural Child Spacing - When You Know You Want More!


Most of us have heard the myth that a breastfeeding parent cannot get pregnant. This is  a myth because a breastfeeding parent's return to fertile cycles cannot be predicted.

Generally, OBGYNs will prescribe a pharmaceutical form of birth control for the postpartum birth parent in order to avoid another pregnancy before one's health is capable of enduring it or before one desires another child.  

The reasons for putting space between pregnancies are important for you and your baby and can be read about in the article entitled: Your Children's Future Successes May Depend on Birth Spacing.  

Unfortunately, if working with an OBGYN, the breastfeeding parent is often prescribed a low dose version of the birth control pill, which is a lower version of  the synthetic hormone progestin, and given very little information about how this impacts the body. Taking hormonal birth control, even at a low dose, is not beneficial to one's postpartum recovery, nor is it beneficial to one's breastfeeding baby. While studies show low-progestin only pills do not cause harm to the breastmilk or breastfeeding baby, from a holistic perspective , it's important to not only cause no harm, but also nourish the body in ways that are beneficial. When it comes to the human body, nothing we put into the body is going to have a neutral effect. Everything put into the body will have an impact that is either beneficial and positive or that detracts from overall health. 

Fortunately, you can use the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) to take back control of your health postpartum! FAM is a natural birth control that can be used to avoid pregnancy postpartum, throughout breastfeeding, and for allowing as much space between pregnancies as you choose-for those families who know they want one (or many) more!