Filmmaker Captures her Journey of Birth Control

Photo Credit: Sindha Agha

Photo Credit: Sindha Agha


Meet Pakistan filmmaker Sindha Agha in a powerful short film describing her personal adventure with birth control. Being given the diagnosis of Endometriosis at age 11, Sindha thus began a merry-go-round journey in which she was put on and taken off 4 of the most popular hormonal contraceptives as treatment over the span of 10 years. 

Eventually, physicians explain to Sindha that her new symptoms of depression and extreme anxiety, diagnosed as PMDD, was a direct result of being on the hormonal IUD. Giving the option of "no prescription birth control" a chance to clear the depression, she describes the multiple days straight of debilitating pain with menstruation that literally prevents her from moving--thanks, Endometriosis. This is a reality check that too few options exist for Endometriosis, and none of them are good-yet.

This short film is a stunningly modern abstract re-telling of the life of a woman with Endometriosis and PMDD in the USA and you won't be able to look away. Sindha invites you to keep watching by throwing in funny jabs here and there even through the lows. 

By the end, if you aren't stirred to believe the medical field can do better for women...then try re-watching it. You'll be left asking something like:  Why the fuck aren't there better options or easier options or safer options to treat female health issues like Endometriosis and PMDD?

Sandra empowers viewers by saying, "I deserve to make decisions about my body, and I deserve a health care system that doesn’t consider what’s unacceptable for men to be the gold standard for me."

What's your own adventure with birth control?

Birth Control Your Own Adventure by Sindha Agha

Sindha Agha is a filmmaker and photographer based in Los Angeles and a 2018 Sundance Ignite fellow.