My Natural Birth Control Still Works for Me, Here’s Why

This summer my hubs and I are celebrating our 5 year wedding anniversary! To celebrate, we adventured around the mountains and beaches of Guatemala! We have been using the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) for our natural birth control all of these years and couldn’t be happier with that decision. Before finding FAM, I truly thought that the only form of birth control to effectively prevent pregnancy was a hormonal pill or a hormonal device. That belief made me feel sort of trapped and stuck with hormonal options that had already proven to cause one of two personality states in me: flat line or extreme mood swings. 

Learning FAM gave me the opportunity to never go back to hormonal birth control. FAM gave me freedom to be myself again. So today, my hubs and I are completely grateful to have the FAM tool in our health conscious tool belt. If you want to learn more about what FAM is then click here


Here are 7 tips that have kept our FAM practice successful all these years:

1. Checking fertility signs, charting them, and applying the rules to prevent pregnancy in each cycle. This practice literally takes so little time out of our day! After the initial process of setting aside time upfront to learn FAM, we became pros and only spend as little time charting and marking the rules as we do brushing our teeth, or less!

2. Knowing that when in doubt,  to either abstain or just throw on a condom, correctly! If I’m fertile, then the only thing preventing pregnancy during intercourse is the correct use of that latex puppy!

3. Getting creative with non-intercourse intimacy during the fertile wave to avoid falling into routines (and I don't mean cuddling).  Besides, routines are lame!

4. Packing  condoms on overnight trips in case there is a questionable day while away from home. Then, barrier method sex is an option and there is not a chance for even the consideration of "risking it." FYI, if condoms aren't around and sex is definitely happening, then pulling out is less of a risk at that point than not pulling out. 

5. Being at peace with the fact that life gets cra-cra sometimes and that’s okay. When there has been a crazy time in life (chronic illness, death in the family, etc.) and we don’t have it in us emotionally or mentally to chart for several weeks…that does not qualify us as losers. Fortunately, you don’t have to go back on The Pill in such a situation. Male condoms are 98% effective at preventing pregnancy, when used correctly, and are an easy alternative to FAM in phases where charting would be adding in stress to a time in life that needs less stress. You can always step back into FAM charting in a snap and use the rules to guide you to answer this question: Am I fertile today? Yes or No? 

6. Having fun with anticipation of infertile days and making a big, special, sexy deal out of the fertile wave officially ending! 

7. Being motivated to keep our bodies healthier than the status quo. We are intentional about the foods we eat, where our food comes from, minimizing toxins in our body and in the environment. Of course we are thrilled that our choice in birth control is not only safe by being free from toxins, but also healthy by being free from symptoms and free from increased risk for disease.

I'm a Certified Fertility Awareness Educator and I've been teaching FAM since 2013...because FAM is legit. Register today for my next class! I offer live webinars throughout the year. Click here to register