Confessions of a Fertility Awareness Educator


Hi, I’m Justina and I’m a certified Fertility Awareness Educator and Reproductive Health Educator.  Even though this is my profession now, I have some confessions to make that you may find surprising.


There are so many things about my body that I didn’t learn until my early twenties. Before that, I knew the basics: my bra size, my period length/frequency, my go-to box of tampons, and that my PMS craving was downing a family size package of M&Ms. So, as a young 22 year old woman, I thought I knew it all. 


I was totally kidding myself. 


Fortunately, there was a monumental amount of information to learn that completely turned my life upside down in a really, really great way. 


What was it? 


The education of female fertility! And I don’t mean how to have babies!


Confession #1:  I used to think that the birth control pill was the only effective option for preventing pregnancy. No matter how crappy it made me feel, I was willing to go back on a different form for the sake of knowing that I had effective birth control. 

I was trapped in the middle of popular belief and hadn't yet come across opportunities to think otherwise.


Confession #2: When I first heard about the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) also known as Natural Family Planning (NFP), I didn’t buy it. Believe it or not, I started charting my cycles as a way to prove that I couldn’t gather enough information from charting my cycles to prevent pregnancy. Boy, was I wrong!


I found the opposite to be true—FAM is actually very effective when used correctly (over 99% effective in preventing pregnancy); plus, FAM is the only method of birth control to date that is women-centered, holistic-based and beneficial to a woman’s health in short and long term. 


Confession #3: I wanted to learn FAM from a teacher, but there were none within a 300 mile radius of the city I was living in at the time. I had to learn how to chart FAM for birth control from a book.  Even though it was a great book, I had questions about my charts with no experts around to ask.  That certainly decreased my confidence in practicing FAM to some degree. 


Confession #4: The moment I found a certified FAM teacher offering an online class, I signed up! The coaching and mentorship I received from my teacher was phenomenal. Those tiny personal questions I had about my cycles were finally answered.  I went from not feeling entirely confident to feeling completely confident in my practice of FAM as birth control. 


All of these confessions turn out to be what made me passionate about getting certified to teach FAM to others.

I started studying women's holistic hormonal health in 2009 when my own journey to hormonal healing began. Then, I found an amazing 2 year certification program run by Sarah Naomi Bly in Ashland, Oregon called Grace of the Moon Fertility Awareness and Hormonal Health Education. After finishing the 2 year program and internship, I graduated as a certified Fertility Awareness Educator (FAE) and Reproductive Health Educator (RHE). I have been teaching the Fertility Awareness Method and consulting since 2013 and am loving every second of it!