Cervical Fluid: A Winter Wonderland


My favorite time of year is when I can walk down a city sidewalk in the snow with the classic tune “Walkin’ in a Winter Wonderland” playing in my mind. When I stop to think about it, snow is absolutely amazing. One of the best things about snowfall for me is that it marks a new and exciting season in the year. I was reflecting on this and realized I feel very similar about my Cervical Fluid. Cervical Fluid is absolutely amazing, too! Plus, when it shows up in my cycle it marks a new and exciting season. Why? Cervical Fluid is present during the fertile wave of a woman’s cycle, which tends to be a time of high energy and creativity. My intent in writing this particular post is so that more and more women grow to appreciate and admire their body’s gift of Cervical Fluid; after all, when it shows up it kind of has this fabulous winter wonderland vibe to it!

What is Cervical Fluid (CF)?  It’s known by many other names including: normal female discharge, cervical mucus, and (less scientifically) “that gooey stuff in my undies again.” As an educator, I prefer to use the term “Cervical Fluid” to describe these healthy secretions because: A. the word “discharge” tends to have a negative connation that gets associated with infection (whereas CF is positive and healthy!) B. Cervical Fluid sounds much more user friendly.



 Cervical Fluid, or CF, is secreted from the cervix, but not every day.  You see, men are fertile every day until they are in their 70s, but women in their reproductive years are only fertile (i.e. capable of getting pregnant) for about 7-12 days of their 3-5 week “monthly” cycles. CF is primarily secreted from the cervix during a woman’s fertile wave. Women can pinpoint when their fertile wave has begun and when it has ended based on daily observation of their three fertility signs, one of which is Cervical Fluid. You can read more about those signs in a former post called What Charting as a Form of Birth Control Actually Means. Throughout a woman’s cycle, CF follows a typical pattern of changing quality and quantity to reflect a woman’s healthy, normal fertility.  In my FAM Workshop, I teach you in depth about what this looks like, but for now I’ll share why CF is legitimately amazing!

 Why Cervical Fluid (CF) is Absolutely Amazing

1. CF is Healthy. CF that follows a typical changing pattern throughout a woman’s cycle is an indication of healthy fertility. That’s great news for women who want to conceive AND great news for women who don’t. Whether a woman is interested in conception or not, having healthy fertility equals optimal health overall. A typical CF pattern does not take place in women who are using the birth control pill or other hormonal devices such as an IUD, patch, shot or implant.

2. CF is Empowering. Learning about CF can be an empowering experience for all women. CF is commonly mistaken for a sign of infection amongst women who have not learned that it is a healthy sign of fertility. In particular, girls in their youth tend to carry anxiety about the “mysterious and inconsistent white discharge.” They may worry over questions such as: “Is it an infection? Is it a sign of arousal?” The answers are: no and no, not necessarily! Such anxiety over not knowing can lead to unnecessary stress and low self-esteem.

3. CF Informs. Women who learn to chart their fertility with FAM are paying attention to what their bodies are communicating. “Am I fertile today, yes or no?” This question can be answered at the end of every day when a woman is charting with FAM. If she does not want to conceive, she can either abstain from intercourse or use a barrier method.* If she does want to conceive, then she knows the best time to try. Even if a woman does not have a need for birth control or conception, her observation of CF can inform her of her health and indicate whether her cycles are showing red flags or if her cycles just need some TLC.

 4. CF Connects.  Understanding the transitions of CF throughout a cycle further connects a woman to her center and to her natural self. In my FAM Workshop, I teach women everything they need to know about observing their CF changes so that they can use the method for birth control, healthy cycles, or conception. Charting CF with the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) is a birth control that is up to 99.6% effective and 100% natural. As one of my colleagues put it best: the only side effect of FAM is forming a fun obsession with noticing your CF and how amazing it is!


Are you interested in FAM as a natural birth control?

It is my recommendation that a woman interested in using FAM for birth control attends a FAM Workshop first.

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*Use of a barrier method during the fertile wave means that you are using that  barrier method (i.e. condom, diaphragm) to prevent pregnancy and are therefore depending upon the effectiveness of that barrier, not the effectiveness of FAM.