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Like me, you may have been led to think that birth control pills or devices are the only good option for preventing unwanted pregnancy. Not true! Let me tell you about the natural, effective, and healthy option for birth control.

I absolutely love the body awareness and education of Fertility Awareness! I also love teaching that you can take back control of your health when you chart with the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM). FAM is an amazing practice whether you are interested in choosing natural birth control over artificial hormonal birth control, balancing cycles and hormones naturally, or trying to get pregnant.


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My Experience


I started studying women's holistic hormonal health in 2009

when my own journey to hormonal healing began. Then, I

found an amazing 2 year certification program run by Sarah

Naomi Bly in Ashland, Oregon called Grace of the Moon

(GOTM) Fertility Awareness and Hormonal Health Education.


After finishing the 2 year program and internship, I graduated

as a Certified Fertility Awareness Educator (FAE) and Certified

Reproductive Health Educator (RHE).


I am an active member of the Association of Fertility


My Mission


My mission is to connect individuals with the powerful science and body education of the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) to people around the world who want to conceive faster, safely and naturally as well as to  people who want to Ditch the Pill for the most effective system of natural birth control in an inclusive and Safe Space atmosphere.

Because a mind, body, and soul approach is key to nourishing fertility, it is also my passion to share education about the impact that food, toxins, environment, sleep, fitness, and mindfulness have on the health of one's fertility.  

It is my mission to provide these Fertility Awareness services via online video consultations, webinars and self-guided courses so that anyone with internet connection has access to the amazing science of FAM.  

I invite you to begin the journey to nourishing your fertility, starting with learning FAM fertility charting. You can nourish your fertility, starting now!

How I Found a Mind-Body-Soul Approach to Full Health

While I was born with an Autoimmune Disease called Selective IgA Deficiency, by my mid-20s it was apparent that another Autoimmune Disease had surfaced called Hashimoto's Disease. By that time, adrenal fatigue had set in and we had to address that first in the process of unweaving my thyroid, hormonal, and immune imbalances. FAM charting was a huge help in understanding my thyroid health and monitoring it. Plus, I'm forever grateful for finding a birth control that did not involve synthetic hormones which would have further disrupted my immune health.


As a stubborn young woman, I had to learn the hard way that FULL Health can not be reached without a holistic approach that involves self care of mind, body, and soul. There were many protocols that I would follow that helped me make strides in how I felt such as addressing my food allergies, nutrient deficiency, and gut health; however, I kept running into phases where my progress would plateau causing untimely and upsetting flare ups.


When I was re-introduced to yoga and meditation, I realized I was finally providing self care to my mind and my soul, in addition to my body. Incorporating those practices unlocked other unresolved blocks in my life and I was finally empowered to stop working the usual stressful 60 hour work weeks and ultimately left my big city job so that I could finally reach FULL Health.


I love sharing my daily self care routine on Instagram, so be sure to follow me there for all the yoga, hiking, and food of this autoimmune gal! 


Want to learn more about why women's health is my passion? Read my  full story at the bottom of this page! 


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"The information covered was comprehensive, informative, and Justina used easy to understand diagrams, explanations and examples so that it was simple to understand and relate to. It was a fun way to be educated on issues and information that is rarely taught any where else. 

I learnt far more than I even thought about needing to know. I understand my cycle now and have learnt more about the whole monthly cycle that I've never heard in my 33 years! Charting is fun and has me questioning, analysing and understanding things a lot more.I was engrossed in all aspects of the class and loved that the rules were set out clearly so it was easy to understand.  I am extremely grateful for the one on one time and for the ability for me to attend, even so far away (Australia).

This FAM workshop will help you understand your cycle, will take you through how your body works every day of the month, and allow you to become in tune with your body. You will become aware of how your body operates and then be able to work with it to achieve your desires, whether they be for birth control or pregnancy. Every pain, mood change, physical change etc will make more sense and no longer will you see it as your body operating against you. You will become grateful for everything and be almost able to talk to your body with greater awareness."

- Julia Achilleos, Artarmon, Sydney Australia


"My goal was to be able to learn more about my body, how to take a healthy approach to birth control and monitoring my cycles

Everything that I was taught was new to me. I had no idea that I could understand what my body was doing and WHY certain things were going on. Now I have a clearer understanding of my body and feel empowered to take care of my health in a holistic way!

I enjoyed being able to learn new things with other women and opening up a safe space to ask questions. The atmosphere was so inviting and all about empowerment and enriching my life!

Justina is an incredible person who desires to change other peoples lives by giving them tools to help them make healthy, happy and holistic decisions. I am grateful for the experience I had and would recommend this service and approach to all women!"

-Faith B. -Abilene, TX

My Story


I have been charting the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) since 2009.  However, I did not always know natural birth control was an option. In the past, I was taking an oral contraceptive and before that I used the patch. At one point, my good friend was also on the patch and ended up in the hospital with blood clots. I remember thinking, “Wow, I never knew that could happen..we're so young…but I'll be fine."

Now, I understand that severe, long-term health issues (like blood clots, strokes, and heart disease) as well as nasty side effects (like weight gain, migraines, and lowered sex drive) are all too common amongst people using birth control made up of synthetic hormones from the pill to the (non-copper) IUD to the implant.


In spite of the pill's effectiveness and popularity, it has been discontinued by almost as many as 50% of women in their first year of taking it. Why? The pill promises to regulate cycles and prevent pregnancy with minimal side effects, but that is not generally the case.


The good news is that the pill, the ring, the patch, the shot, the implant, and the IUD, are not the only effective options!


The Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) is all natural, hormone free and when used correctly is as effective as the pill in preventing pregnancy. 


My personal experience with taking the pill, like most women, was less obvious than being hospitalized out of the blue; instead, it took time for me to notice a difference.


One day, I realized I had been consistently  miserable and rather despondent for over a year (a stark contrast to the vibrant, creative woman I was before and am now).  I remember thinking prescription birth control must be harmless because the doctor eagerly prescribed it to me without caution or hesitation in my first visit there. At that time, I was young, shy and not accustomed to reading the warning pages of tiny print that come with a prescription nor was I used to asking my doctor questions.  So, I didn't ask my doctor questions about the pill or patch and my doctor didn't inform me of side effects or risks involved with either. 


This is all too common and a great example of the need for us as individuals to actively seek as much information as possible from diverse sources so that informed decisions can be made. 


Needless to say, I was clueless. As months passed, I thought my emotional and physical descent were "just a phase" or proof that I wasn't "trying hard enough." Vanished sex drive, migraines, heart palpitations, cramps, low energy, and waves of anger became norms for me. Eventually, I delved into research and found that my symptoms (and many more side effects) are connected to the absorption of artificial hormones found in hormonal birth control devices. 


Next, I learned that individuals all over the country are throwin' out The Pill  (i.e those darn artificial hormones) for a digital thermometer, a piece of paper, and their brilliant self awareness to prevent pregnancy! Who needs artificial hormones when you already have your own?


I studied the guidelines from Katie Singer's book Garden of Fertility and began my FAM journey by observing and recording my daily cervical fluid and waking temperatures.  I was not on this quest to use FAM as my birth control. Instead, I wanted to find out if I could accurately chart my cycles. Surprisingly, after one charted cycle, I discovered something that rocked my socks off. My cervical fluid and BBT showed patterns! My cervical fluid wasn't the result of a randomly timed on/off switch (which I had always assumed). Something much bigger was going on with the female body and I couldn't wait to continue charting my cycles. The only question left for me was, "Will this actually work for birth control?"


After three charted cycles, I saw the recurring evidence that I can absolutely observe and interpret my fertility signs to avoid pregnancy. That's when I knew I would never have to go back to hormonal contraceptives again! I found an online class where I could learn FAM from a certified educator.

Research shows learning FAM from a certified educator (versus using a book or app) substantially increases the user effectiveness rate. 


After finishing the classes and reviewing my charts with my teacher for fine tuning, I  was confident in choosing FAM as my primary birth control and have successfully avoided pregnancy by charting with FAM for over 7 years and counting. It was a freeing feeling to know that I  had a choice to prevent pregnancy naturally using a method with proven effectiveness. In fact, FAM is over 99% effective in preventing pregnancy, when used correctly, and 100% free from side effects.


FAM can be used for not only natural birth control, but also for natural conception. When the day comes that I'm ready to start a family, I already have a tool in FAM to maximize my chances of getting pregnant sooner than later.  For getting pregnant (including IUIs), charting fertility optimizes the chances of conception and offers a snapshot of  hormonal health to share with a health practitioner. It's never too early or too late to start charting when trying to conceive because a person's FAM charts can indicate the specific days to target intercourse or IUI. 


Even if you are not in the market for birth control or having a baby right now, the foundational education of fertility awareness (such as why your body does that, and what in the world is this?!) can impact your life in amazing ways!


Such enlightenment sent me through a paradigm shift and taught me several reasons to celebrate being female (rather than brush it off). Understanding fertility cycles using FAM is an empowering thing - from gauging gynecological health to understanding hormonal waves throughout the cycle.

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