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Denver, Colorado


Teaching the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM), a hormone free birth control that is proven safe and up to 99.6% effective when used correctly. FAM can also be used as a tool for pregnancy achievement for couples who are trying to conceive. Even if birth control or pregnancy are not relevant to you, FAM is a wonderful platform for maintaining healthy cycles and hormonal balance to become your healthy, happy, natural self! 






























Learn FAM. Be Your Natural Self.

Learn the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) for birth control that is 100% natural.

Hi, I'm Justina!

I would love to teach you how

to chart your fertility using the

Fertility Awareness Method



FAM is fertility charting that can be used to:

  • Gauge gynecological health

  • Become the #1 expert of your own body

  • Time intercourse or IVI or IUI to maximize chances of conception

  • Ditch The Pill (or avoid altogether) for effective natural birth control & to finally feel phenomenal again!

 I teach FAM to those who want:

Natural Birth Control that's over 99% effective when used correctly and 100% free from side effects. If you're currently on hormonal birth control, ditching The Pill to embrace your natural fertility with FAM can lead you to feeling phenomenal!

To Maximize Conception (including IUIs) - charting fertility optimizes the chances of conception and offers a snapshot of  hormonal health. It's never too early or too late to start charting when trying to conceive. 

Natural Health + Body Empowerment - Understanding fertility cycles is an empowering thing - from gauging gynecological health to understanding hormonal waves throughout the cycle! Charting can be used to pinpoint hormonal imbalances.

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