The Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) gives you insider information that you can use to nourish fertility for vibrant living! 



Natural Birth Control


Natural Birth Control that's over 99% effective when used correctly and 100% free from side effects. If you're currently experiencing sides effects from hormonal birth control, Ditching The Pill for FAM may be the key to finally feeling beyond-your-best.

Take Charge of Your Cycles

Cycle Empowerment is a commonly reported benefit when charting with FAM. From gauging gynecological health to understanding your hormonal waves throughout the cycle,  FAM empowers women to address issues like PMS irregularities and nourish fertility for vibrant living.

Get Pregnant Faster


Maximize Conception with charting to optimize the chances of getting pregnant by knowing the best time to target intercourse of IUI. Chart assessment is used to rule out fertility red flags. It's never too early or too late to start charting when trying to conceive. 


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